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Vision Sunday

Vision Sunday – 21st January 2018

Usually in mid January we set out the vision for the year and the financial costs we anticipate for that year. We then ask everyone in church to prayerfully consider pledging towards that figure. People then set up direct debits, standing orders or give via an envelope scheme.

If you would like to see a copy of the booklet Giving for the Vision 2018, please follow the link (pdf).

All of our giving is confidential. Only one person in the church knows what each person has pledged., and that is Roger Watkins, our Planned Giving secretary.

Please visit our Giving page for more information or for more details on how to give, contact our church treasurer, David Sharpe – davidsharpe@btinternet.com.

Thank You

The Mission Team would like to thank the Flower Group for their kind donation of £60 towards Open Door.


The Hive Cafe – New Opening Times!

From Saturday 20th January The Hive Cafe’s Saturday opening hours will be changing.

The opening hours will be: Monday to Friday 9am-4pm, Saturday 10am-2pm.

Big Thank You!

I would like to say a big Thank You to everyone who helped make the Christmas Meal in the TCCC such a success.

Because of the generous donations of time, money and friendship given, over 50 of us had a lovely Christmas Day with “all the trimmings”. Julie


Christmas Collections 2017

As a result of our collections at the Carol Services on 17th December, on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day, we sent the following amounts to missions and charities: Besom in Taunton £859, Bible Society £275, Open Door £929. An additional £319 was sent to Open Door from collection-boxes in the Hive café, carol-singing and harvest gifts.  Thank you for giving so generously.

Angersleigh Thanks!

Angersleigh Notices:

Thank you to everyone who came to our Christmas Carol Service and the  service on Christmas Day. It was wonderful to see the church full on both occasions.

And thank you also to everyone who came to the Pop-Up cafe on New Year’s Day.  We served about 25 bacon butties, 8 litres of soup plus loads of cakes, tea and coffee.

Christmas Charity Collections

We will be taking collections as usual at the Christmas Services detailed below:

Sunday 17th December

4.30pm & 6.30pm Trull Candlelit Carol Services – BESOM & Open Door

4.30pm Angersleigh Carols by Candle Light Service – Children’s Hospice SW

Sunday 24th December (no services in Angersleigh)

3.00pm & 4.30pm Pop Up Nativity Services – BESOM & Open Door

11.00pm Holy Communion – the Bible Society

Monday 25th December

9.30am Angersleigh Christmas Service – Children’s Hospice South West

10.30am Trull All Age Christmas Service – BESOM & Open Door

‘Open Door’ Carol Singing Collecting

Open Door: A big thank you for the continued support received from Trull church and village in providing donations for Open Door. I have just given  notice in my immediate vicinity that a group of us will be carol singing on  Saturday 16th December to collect for Open Door – last year we were given 3 wheelbarrow loads. Should you like to support us you can take any of the following to the TCCC and leave them in the box labelled Open Door: Sleeping bags, gloves, socks, boxer shorts, vegetable oil, sugar, marmite, custard, tomato sauce, brown sauce, gravy granules, cheese and chocolates.  Many thanks for your support.

Ann Hancock (with Maureen Govett)

God with Us –  Your Christmas Journey

December may be a time of year when moments of peace and quiet   reflection are in short supply. God With Us: Your Christmas Journey   is designed to help you make the most of such moments whenever you can.  It offers thirteen short and simple reflections to help you explore the message of so many Christmas readings and carols – that God is with us.  There is one for each day from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day, as well as one each for the four weeks of Advent.

Each reflection is accompanied by a picture, a challenge and a short Bible reading to help you make connections between the Christmas story and your own life, and take the next step on your journey of faith.

We have 50 of these booklets available on the Communications Table at a cost of £1 each or they can be purchased online at www.eden.co.uk or www.chpublishing.co.uk.


The Besom Christmas Hampers




The Besom in Taunton are putting together Christmas hampers for all the recipients we have carried out  projects for, and once again would value your support in donating festive food items. Any of the following would be hugely appreciated:

  • Christmas pudding, cake, crackers, mince pies, yule logs, tins or bags of sweets, tins of salmon, ham, sugar, coffee, boxes of biscuits.

Please could you leave any items with Julie in the Church office before Friday 8th December.