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“The Next Chapter” – Vacancy Update

 “The Next Chapter” (October 2017 edition)

All Saints Trull Vacancy Update


This is the second of our regular updates throughout the vacancy period in Trull and Angersleigh, If there are questions you have that you’d love an answer to in the next edition, do email Julie in the office and she’ll ensure it gets to the right person.

The Rector’s gone…who is in charge? 

The first thing to say, is that when it comes to the Body of Christ, as Paul pictures the church, remember that the Head has gone nowhere! This is still Jesus’ church, He is still the Head, and He continues to be the source of life and power and direction for this church. We need to keep focused on Him. Which is why we also need to make PRAYER a top priority throughout the vacancy. Please make our Start the Week (Mondays, 9.15-9.45 Upper Meeting Room) and Powerhouse (2nd Wed 1.30/7.30) prayer meetings a priority and the 24hour prayer sessions as they come up. There is also a vacancy prayer bookmark being produced.

Humanly however, the leadership of our church now rests with our two Churchwardens, Peter Chew and David Brooks-Daw. Our former churchwarden, Martin Sumpter will also deputise when one of them is not available or away. Our wardens have the final say and ultimate authority over all that happens in our church, in partnership with the PCC and with the Diocese.


The Rector’s gone…who cares?

  1. Contrary to some misconceptions, All Saints has never been a church that depends wholly on the Rector for pastoral care. We have a number of important elements to our pastoral care provision, which we have sought to strengthen and clarify as we head into vacancy. The key elements are: Love one another: the important biblical idea that we don’t leave pastoral care to particular people, but that we seek to care for, support and encourage one another simply as members of a church family. If you are concerned that you haven’t seen someone for a while, why not phone them, or drop in, and check they are OK.
  2. Growth Groups: these groups are central to ensuring we care for one another. Getting to know a few people well, and having a place to share our joys and concerns. They are places we can pray for each other, and offer practical help. Do speak to Anne Bird or David Taylor about joining a group.
  3. Pastoral Care Team: Martin Sumpter heads up this team. We have a team of licensed and volunteer Lay Pastoral Assistants who help Martin. They are able to visit people either at home or in residential homes/hospital. They can help to organise transport. Some are licensed to take home communion. We have some who have particular skills in listening, or counselling. If you are concerned for someone in particular, please do contact Martin Sumpter directly, or via the church office.
  4. Parish Links Scheme: Martin also oversees the Parish Links. Every road in our parish has someone from church or the village who acts as a ‘link’ – a bit like ‘neighbourhood watch’. They let the church leadership know, through Martin, if new people move in, or if there is illness, a bereavement or a new baby.
  5. Funerals: Our Readers David Sharpe and Sandra Jones are both licensed and very experienced at taking funerals. That doesn’t mean they will be able to do all funerals, but will hopefully be able to at least take funerals of church members.
  6. Welcome of Newcomers: In order to ensure that we are helping newcomers to integrate into the life of our church in the early weeks and months, we have two people responsible for welcome: Ruth Buller (9.30/5.30) and Kay Trowell (11.15). Also, Ann Hancock will be organising with Ruth a bi-annual Welcome Tea for newcomers.
  7. Congregation Teams: We have recently appointed small teams in each congregation. They are seeking to watch out for all members of a congregation, following up if people haven’t been seen for a while and also feeding back any concerns from that congregation to the wardens or staff team. The teams are:

         8.00am:      Marie Simmonds, Terry English, Alli Saltrese

         9.30am:       David Willis, Barbara Finch, Averil Taylor, Mary Watkins

        11.15am:       Kevin Hamer, Judy McKerracher, Judy Hawkes, Michele Sanders

        5.30pm:       Kay Whiteley, Ruth Buller, Paul Bailey

        Midweek Communion: Bonnie Abercrombie

The Rector’s gone…who makes the decisions?

Here are the main decision making bodies in All Saints Church during the  vacancy along with their key tasks:

PCC:   Chaired by the wardens. Tasked with overall strategic vision for the church during vacancy and beyond and to oversee all financial matters related to church life. Each member has an area of governance, an area of church life they monitor and understand so that they can contribute information, ideas and concerns about those areas into PCC discussions as they arise. The standing committee meets to make interim decisions including finance and sets PCC agenda. There is a visual list of PCC members on the board inside the church. If you have any questions or concerns during the vacancy, don’t hesitate to talk to a PCC member.

Staff: Overseen by wardens. Weekly staff meetings chaired by a warden. The staff team are responsible for ensuring the day to day practical  running and day to day decision making in the church.

  • Sam: Children’s and Families Work, Preaching/leading oversight
  • Ruth: Youth Work
  • Jennie: TCCC (maintenance, booking and promotion)
  • Fran/Megan: worship, students etc
  • Julie: Admin
  • Wardens: Oversight of other ministries

During the vacancy, other keys leaders will be invited when appropriate in order to offer input into discussions on various aspects of the church’s life and mission. If church members have ideas for new ministries/outreach in the church and community, the ideas need to be fed to the staff team through the wardens, in order that we are careful not to overstretch ourselves during this important time. That team will have the final say on church activities. 

‘SEARCH’ Team (‘Seeking a Rector for Church’ Team):
Tasked by PCC to run the day to day process of finding a new Rector e.g. putting together profile, adverts, liaising with PCC, Diocese, Patrons and Angersleigh, communicating with the congregation etc etc. 

A word about our Churchwardens…
The next few months will place considerable extra work and pressure on the shoulders of our churchwardens. The PCC have asked them to produce a list of all the things they do throughout the year, and will be wanting to find others in church to take some of those jobs off them. Please can we ask you to offer to help the wardens, offering to take over what may only be a small job (eg putting up Christmas candles, or putting up Christmas tree etc) but it will make a massive difference to them. 

A word about the process so far…
Adrian has spent good time with the PCC and Growth Group Leaders recently, ensuring that everything is handed over, and that we are ready for vacancy. We have identified the key areas the church needs to focus on over the next few months to ensure our church keeps THRIVING, GROWING and BEARING FRUIT. We really do feel ready now, and there is rightfully an air of excitement about what God might do amongst us over the next few months. Our wardens have met with the Archdeacon of Taunton to begin to understand and map out the process that lies ahead. In November the PCCs will meet with the Archdeacon, the Rural Dean and representatives of our new Patrons, CPAS, to officially start the process of seeking a new Rector. The PCC is committed to ensuring clear communication during this period.  So watch this space…

Harvest 2017 – Welcome Ruth & Worship

On the 10th September we warmly welcomed Ruth Slade, our new Youth & Student Worker, who has joined us with her husband Matt.  Together we enjoyed our Harvest Family Service at Newley Farm.

Big Thank You for Memory Walk

Guess who?


A Big Thank You to everyone who turned up to do the Memory Walk last Saturday.

We were really encouraged with the amount of people who turned up (over 85 in total) who helped to raise over £1,4920. Thanks also go to the ladies in the Hive Café who served up much appreciated tea and cakes afterwards.

We will let you know how much has been raised when we receive the exact figure from the Alzheimer’s Society.



The Big Clean

On Saturday 17th September 2017, a group of volunteers transformed our churchyard. And a fun time was had by all!Taking part in the Big Clean