Vacancy Update – “The Next Chapter”

The Next Chapter” (February 2018 edition)

Vacancy Update


So here we are, it’s about three and a half months since Adrian left and the questions are how are we getting on and what next?

We are getting on well and that is not an exaggeration. In an interregnum people find themselves doing things that they have not really been accustomed to before, and that is certainly the case across our benefice. You will have noticed new people leading and preaching and doing it admirably – our thanks to Alli, Jennie, Megan, Sally and Mark.  Fran, as part of her ministry training has been very much in evidence, and we are so appreciative of the hard work she is doing. The Staff Team is stretched as you can imagine and so are the Wardens and David, our Treasurer. Sam preached so much over Christmas that she lost her voice, much to the amusement of her family! Ruth as our new Youth Worker has been finding her feet and discovering how everything works. It’s great to have her as part of the team. Megan our intern has been turning her hand to almost everything, as you may have noticed. The list goes on: David and Dennis with their preaching, Susanne with the web site, Julie and Jennie, the Hive Managers. Our thanks go out to all our volunteers, who are  putting in so much effort.

In terms of our search for a new Rector, the benefice ‘Search Team’, has been working hard to find the correct language for our `Parish Profile’. This document explains to any interested candidate: who we are, who we want to be, what we can offer and who we are looking for. The profile has lots of information on the different areas of church life, plus detail on the Villages of Angersleigh and Trull, and of course on Taunton itself. Our thanks go to everybody who has helped with this, proof read it, or has suggested changes to the wording. Ruth Drew is now formatting the document into an attractively finished article, complete with photographs etc. On the 5th of February the joint PCC’s will have the opportunity to see the profile and to comment. Advertising will begin early in March with a closing date of the 13th of April. Short listing will be on the 19th of April and interviews on the 9th of May.

Each of our two parishes will have two representatives on the interview panel. The PCC has decided that Sam Upham and Mark Richmond should represent All Saints. Andy Dunningham will act as a reserve, in case either Sam or Mark are unable to attend on the 9th of May.

In terms of what can be considered most important at present, then the subject comes around very quickly to prayer. If we are to find the right person to be Rector, then prayer is vital. To flourish as worshiping communities, we need prayer. So please take every opportunity to pray, whether that is within your own prayers, your growth group, ‘Powerhouse’, `Start the week’ or any of the additional opportunities that we are creating. In particular, the next 24 hour prayer session will be during the 9th and 10th of March, and much of the focus will be on praying for the right person to join us. We will release additional details soon.

We are looking to the future and making plans. You will be aware of the up and coming Church Weekend (12th/13th of May) and the Men’s   Weekend (29th/30th) of September.

Our normal activities continue both within the church and the TCCC. The Hive continues to be a great cafe for folk to come together and enjoy tea/coffee/cake or a meal. So popular is it that the Archdeacon of Bath was seen in there the other morning – breakfast by the look of it!

So we are busy. And on that subject, can we ask you to bear in mind that Julie and Jennie in the TCCC office have a lot to do at present. It would help them both, if they could as far as is possible, be given the space and time they need to fulfil the tasks at hand. If you do need to contact them, please do so as quickly/briefly as is reasonable. Thank you ever so much.

Adrian, Fran tells us, is getting on well with his new role and enjoying it. Please continue to pray for them all as a family, they have a lot on their plate at present.

With best wishes,

Peter Chew

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