Annual Church Meeting

Date & Time: 28/04/19 - 10:30am

The two annual church meetings will be held in Trull Church Community Centre on Sunday 28th April at 10.30 am.

The first meeting is open to anyone in the parish, and is to elect two churchwardens for the coming year.  Peter Chew is stepping down after 4 years in the role and Anne Lawrence has expressed her willingness to continue as warden. Please think about whether you would like to consider being a churchwarden.

The second meeting includes the election of 4 new representatives to the PCC and 1 to the Deanery Synod.  Nomination forms, to be signed by two church members and the candidate, are available from the Communications table in church, from the churchwardens, the PCC Secretary and the church office. It is helpful to have these completed in advance of the meeting.

Two weeks before the meeting, there will be a booklet available which will include reviews of our various activities.  The main business of the meeting will be for questions and discussion, so please come prepared to join in.  Everyone who worships at our church is welcome to attend, and all those whose names are on the church electoral roll are entitled to speak, to vote or be voted for at the meeting.

Sue Allen, PCC Secretary