Our church has an annual budget of around £230,000. The vast majority of our budget covers the salaries of staff and the ministries they oversee as well as a small amount that goes to upkeep of a our buildings. We also make a substantial contribution into the Diocesan ‘pot’ to help support churches in less well-off parts of the diocese. We ask everyone at All Saints to prayerfully consider giving to God’s work here, as well as beyond Trull.

We do not take collections during our services because we don’t want anyone to feel pressurised to give. The New Testament says that our giving to the Lord should be ‘without compulsion’. Some churches teach the Old testament idea of ‘tithing’ ie giving 10% of their income away. We believe that in the New Testament there are no hard and fast rules on exactly how much God asks us to give. Instead we recognise some biblical principles of giving:

  • Freewill: we recognise how one church in Macedonia ‘pleaded’ for the chance to give and so we encourage a spiritual desire to give, rather telling people how much to give.
  • Planned: we ask people to prayerful consider what they give just as Paul instructed the Corinthians to set an amount aside at beginning of each week.
  • Sacrificial: we believe that our giving to God should be costly to us, reflecting God’s giving of his Son sacrificially for us.
  • Generous: we believe that God encourages us to live dependently on him, which is why Paul tells the church in Corinth to ‘sow generously’, relying on God to provide for those who are generous.

If you would like to see a copy of the last Annual Report and Accounts (2016), please follow the link (pdf).

Vision Sunday

Usually in mid January we set out the vision for the year and the financial costs we anticipate for that year. We then ask everyone in church to prayerfully consider pledging towards that figure. People then set up direct debits, standing orders or give via an envelope scheme.

If you would like to see a copy of the booklet Giving for the Vision 2018, please follow the link (pdf).

All of our giving is confidential. Only one person in the church knows what each person has pledged., and that is Roger Watkins, our Planned Giving secretary.

For more details on how to give, contact our church treasurer, David Sharpe – [email protected]