Growth Courses

We seek to provide a balance of opportunities to be equipped to live as whole-life disciples.

We have split each year up into three parts during the autumn, spring and summer term. We have assigned the Growth Courses a different focus during those seasons which fall under the headings of ‘Head’, ‘Hands’ and ‘Heart’. This provides us with the chance to grow in different areas of our discipleship throughout the year:

Head (Autumn)

Opportunities to grow deeper in our understanding of God (for instance: Bible Overview; How to interpret the Bible, an overview of the book of Revelation; Discipleship Explored)

Our Growth course this term is ‘The Romans Road’ 

(Meeting in the spring term, not autumn)

This is a 7 week course through the book of Romans.

For more information, contact Sam Upham

Hands (Spring)

Opportunities to grow more confident in the practical aspects of living out our faith (for example: being a Christian a work; being able to share our faith with others eg ‘Walk Across the Room’)

Heart (Summer)

Opportunities to grow in our relationship with God (such as: The Prayer Course)