The Bible uses the powerful image of a body to show how every member of a church has an important part to play in that church growing up to be like Jesus. So whoever you are, whatever back ground you have, whatever your passions and abilities, God has something for you to contribute to what He is doing in and through the church today. Our prayer is that you will feel valued and are released to do that which God has shaped you for.

When you are ready, talk to us about how you might get more involved.

How might you discover how God has shaped you to play your part in the life of Trull church and its ministry in Trull and beyond? Here is a helpful exercise to work through…


S: Spiritual gifts – The Bible says that the Holy Spirit gives certain abilities to each person, so ask him and others to help you discern what they are.

H: Heart – What do you love to do? What do care about most? That is always a good indication of how God might best use you.

A: Abilities – What natural abilities do you have. For example, are you a natural organiser, musician, carer, artist, techie?

P: Personality – How are you ‘wired’? Are you a doer? A thinker? a listener?

E: Experiences – What life experiences (positive or negative) have shaped you? What life experiences might equip you to help others?