New to Church?

Coming to a new church can be very daunting. Even if you have received what we hope has been a very warm welcome, it can be hard to get a good grasp of all that makes our church ‘tick’.

Where’s the Church?

The Church is in Church Road in Trull, a village outside Taunton – View a Map.

What Happens When I Get There?

When you come into the Church building or  into Trull Church Community Centre, someone will greet you at the door and offer you a copy of the weekly notices and the service sheet, and maybe a hymn book. At services in the Community Centre words normally appear on the video projection screen. Someone from our Welcome Team may also come and say hello and introduce themselves.

The Services normally start at 8am, 10.30am and 5.30pm. There are a range of styles from the more traditional services using set prayers and hymns, through to services which have a worship band, contemporary style songs and less formal times of prayer. There is always a slot when we read and teach from the Bible, seeking to discover what a particular passage of the Bible might be saying to us in our day to day lives .

We want to be a church for all-ages and stages of faith and none. There are no reserved seats, so don’t worry – sit anywhere you like.

If you need to leave during a service, no-one will complain if you slip out discreetly.

We don’t take a collection during the service, so you won’t feel under any pressure at all. There is a box near the door however if you do want to make a gift.

If you’d like to know what the sermons are like, you can listen to previous sermons online before you come!

Is There Anything for my Children?

We love welcoming children and young people into our church. We love the life and noise they bring. Children don’t need to be quiet in our church. They are free to run or toddle around too. We love it!

Most of our families with children come to our All Age Worship at 10.30am. We have special groups for the children which meet together part of the way through the service. However we always start the service with all-ages together. When it is time to leave for children’s groups, please feel free to go over with your children at least for the first week or so. Do introduce yourselves to a STOMP (our name for our groups) leader. They have a special badge on. Find out about our Children’s and Family activities.

If you have very small children or babies, there is a crèche room at the back of church, with a sofa, toys and a wall mounted changing mat. You can feed your baby there. The service is relayed through to that room so you can still hear everything.

What’s being a Christian all about?

You can find out more about the Christian faith on our Christianity Explored course.