Ministry Training Courses 2019

Peninsula Gospel Partnership Training Course

The course is for anyone who would like to learn and grow in the Christian faith. It is especially appropriate for those involved with teaching the Bible: Sunday School teachers, ministry trainees, youth leaders, pastoral assistants, women’s workers, small group leaders, lay readers and preachers and those considering full-time Christian ministry.

The Training Course meets once a week for thirty weeks. The training is practical and thorough using a mixture of lectures, interactive seminars and workshop groups.  Fees for 2019/2020 are £60 per student per term.

9.30 – 12.30 Wednesdays at St. Leonard’s Church, Exeter.

For more information or to register please contact Edward Surrey:  [email protected]  

South West Gospel Partnership Ministry Training Course

 This course is a one-day-a-week course for those who have a desire to grow in their faith and be equipped to pass on the Bible’s message to others. The course runs every Thursday, from 9.30am to 3.30pm at St. Bartholomew’s Church, Bath for 3 ten week terms. Term starts September 2019.

There is an optional second year which builds on what is learnt in the first year.

It is ideal for church workers and apprentices, preachers, gap-year students, youth and children’s workers, home group leaders, women’s workers and those in student ministry, indeed any who are actively involved in teaching the Bible and desire to be better equipped.  It is not restricted to those in paid Christian work, but is also suitable for those in retirement or who are able to take a day out from work on a Thursday.  More details on leaflets in church.

Mission Partner Updates

In addition to recent news updates from Bosco & Heidi Bukeera and Jenny Green, we have also received a message from Andy Mayo about The Belgrade Bible School.

For further details of our Mission ministry and for the updates, please go to our Mission page .

Due to problems caused by computer hackers Jenny Green who works as  Community Chaplain for Church Missionary Society in Bankfoot, Bradford (A mission we support as a church) has now changed her email address to:  [email protected]

“Shopping Centres to Sharing Christ”

“From a career point of view, the mid 1980s found me benefitting from the property boom, and then I survived the late 1980s property crash. Wrong place at the wrong time? On hindsight, God had me in His place in His time, until He decided it was time for me to move on. When the Chairman informed my colleagues of my decision to leave and go to theological college, he said that, ‘Andy has been head-hunted in a manner with which we cannot possibly compete!”

Andy Wadsworth

To hear about our new(ish) rector’s faith journey, click here.

The Hive Cafe

Over the last three years the Hive Cafe has grown beyond expectations and has become an integral part of our village life.

It is valued by many for various reasons and has become a lifeline to several of our customers where they can meet with friends for a chat over coffee and lunch, or just come to the cafe and chat with the volunteers.

One young mum who regularly comes into The Hive Café wrote, “The cafe is an amazing facility for me as a parent that provides somewhere for my children and I to go after school where they can have a play or wind down with a wholesome snack before we head on to home. Or a place that I can meet with friends and enjoy a coffee and catch up. This is even more so with the winter months coming and we would be lost without it. “