Growth Groups

Growth Groups

What are they for?

The vision for All Saints Trull is ‘becoming and making mature disciples of Jesus in Trull and beyond’.  Joining and participating in a Growth Group is one way that we can help ourselves to mature.  The groups are valued by their members and can become like close family.


Who are they for?

They are for anyone, old or young, who wants to grow closer to God.  We try to cater for the needs of everyone.

What do they do?

They meet to share what it is to be a Christian.  This involves reading the Bible, discussing what it means and how we should apply it to our lives, praying for each other and the concerns of the church and the wider world, supporting and encouraging each other.  Many groups also have occasional social gatherings.

When and where do they meet?

There are currently groups that meet on all days of the week.  Some meet during the day, others in evenings.  Some only meet in school term-time, others all year round.  Many meet weekly, but others meet less often.  They meet in homes in and around Trull.

What if I am not available every week?

Most group leaders are happy to have one or two members who can only come sometimes.  At least one group uses Skype technology to enable remote membership.  Others use ‘WhatsApp’ to stay in touch between meetings.

What if I don’t know much about God, the Bible or the church?

We are all on a journey of discovery.  Growth groups are an excellent opportunity to learn more in a safe non-judgmental and loving environment.

What if I join a group and don’t like it?

This rarely happens but, if it should, talk to Anne Bird (see below) who will try to find a more suitable group.

Isn’t this the wrong time to do something new?

Absolutely not!  Growth groups are really important for making individuals feel comfortable in the church.  Even with a full complement of staff, the leadership team cannot hope to care for everyone.  Being part of a group ensures that you can be supported and an important part of what is going on during the interregnum.  You are important to our church and we want you to feel valued.

How can I join?

Speak to any leader, Julie in the office or contact Anne Bird.  We will welcome you and try to find the best group for you.

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