ZOOM! -Tips and Tricks

We are going to be meeting as a church via the video-conferencing platform ZOOM. If you need some help learning how to download and use Zoom, please see below for some how-to videos and some tips and tricks for making your zoom experience as easy as possible.

If you have been invited to a meeting and you’re not sure how to join, click here to watch a video and learn how. You do not need a Zoom account to join a meeting, you can simply follow the link in your invitation.

If you would like to host a meeting click here  for instructions. As stated on their website, you will need to sign up for a Zoom account if you would like to host a meeting.

You can get a FREE Zoom account by signing up on their website. This will allow you to host meetings with up to 100 attendees, for up to 40 minutes. Once your 40 minute session has elapsed, your session will end. You can easily host a new meeting and everyone can then join you again. If you are hosting a church related meeting such as a growth group, church service or prayer meeting for Trull church, please contact Ruth Slade ([email protected]) and she will be able to give you access to our church account which will enable you to meet for longer than 40 minutes.

We are planning to run our children’s groups- STOMP, Launchpad and Angels, our youth groups- Watchers, Digging Deeper and Pulse, church services and prayer meetings via Zoom while we are on lockdown, if you have any further questions, queries or ideas for these meetings, please contact Ruth Slade or Andy Wadsworth and they will be happy to talk to you and help if they are able to!

Thank you for bearing with us as we work out how to do church in this new way. It holds many exciting opportunities, and we want to continue to serve the church family and wider community in the best ways possible.


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