5 thoughts on “Lockdown Assembly – Praising God”

  1. I enjoyed that very much Andy. The word Hallelujah makes me feel very Happy.
    Hope to see you soon in our school Assembly’s
    Thanks, Naomi

  2. Thank you so much for such a wonderful Lockdown Assembly this morning. We lit the candles and sat together, listening carefully to all you said and joined in with the singing, it was so lovely bringing us all together.
    We will upload a photo on to twitter to show us sharing your assembly with you.
    Alanis said she really enjoyed it and loved playing her air guitar during the song.
    Clara said that it was amazing and says thank you.
    Bethan says thank you for using your time to make an assembly for us to share. We know how long this takes.
    We all thoroughly enjoyed it, thank you so much.


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