Reflections on Ascension Day of Prayer and Fasting

On May 20th I cycled about a mile and a half out of Taunton and sat under a tree, a place I visited a few times recently while cycling, for prayer.

Whilst there under the shade of the tree I looked up and saw this cross in the sky. Made by two aeroplane vapour trails that crossed over each other a little earlier I then saw a third plane come and follow the precise same path down the centre of the cross from the right to the left as though to strengthen the image.

The perspective of the cross makes it look like it’s facing directly down to the ground. I stayed under that tree for about another 20 to 25 minutes and by the time I’d left the cross had almost vanished.

There was a distinct sense that the Lord was revealing his cross over our Nation and particularly over the Taunton and Wellington area judging where this vapour trail was in the sky.

I wanted to share it with you all as it may encourage you in your own prayer and reflections at this time.

Tim Finch

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