Services in All Saints Church

On a number of Sundays in July and August we are trying out different ways of holding services in the church building and we are learning how different arrangements work, so please bear with us.

This coming Sunday 26th July there will be two services in the church building, in addition to the 10:30 am Zoom service.

  • 8.00am service will be BCP Morning Prayer.
  • 10.30am service will be said Common Worship Morning Prayer (without hymns, owing to current guidelines).

Different pews will be used each time and other safety procedures are also in place.  There is room for around 25 to 30 people at each service, although you don’t have to book, or be specifically invited, this time.

Both services will be led by David Sharpe; please contact him via [email protected] if you would like him to email you an information-sheet for one of the services, saying whether you plan to come at 8.00am or at 10.30am. This will also help him to know likely numbers.

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