5 thoughts on “Thought For The Day- An Introduction to Ephesians”

  1. This Morning I read through Ephesians using The Message translation, something I had not used on previous occasions, which I found encouraging with it’s different phrases and ways of expressing.
    Even though I found it helpful, I love the NIV. Thank you Andy for your encouragement.

  2. Thanks Andy. Has encouraged me to read Ephesians. Eh. 1v17 is one verse l memorized awhile ago. What a prayer. Look forward to Sunday. Hugh

  3. You certainly made this sound exciting. I look forward to reading and studying Ephesians again.
    Thanks for all the work and love you’re putting into leading us all through this period.


  4. Thanks for the introduction Andy. We look forward to the sermon on Sunday. Ephesians 1 v17 is a great verse to memorize.
    Hugh and Gill


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