Thought for the Day – What’s happening on Pentecost and our Mission Sunday – 31st May

As many of you know, we were due to have Simon Guillebaud (pronounced Gilbo!) as our guest speaker. Simon is a friend of Katie’s (and known to some at All Saints) having met one another on a mission training programme before they headed off to Burundi and Uganda respectively. Simon is passionate about mission and telling others about Jesus, whatever the cost, and had an extraordinary call from the Lord to serve Him in Burundi. We have decided to postpone Simon’s visit to All Saints, but if you want to listen to him now please click here!

It was recorded by Simon a month ago now, but is nonetheless very relevant and will give you a brief insight into his work and life, and I hope will whet our appetites for his future visit. If you read ‘Christianity’ magazine his work with his Great Lakes Outreach organisation was featured in the lead article in the January 2020 issue.

Mission Sunday 31st May this year will now be focussed on hearing reports from a number of our own Mission Partners in our Zoom Service – we plan to have ‘live’ interviews with some of them. The following week our Thoughts for the Day will also feature updates from a number of our Mission Partners. I am grateful to Mervyn Roberts and the Mission Committee for their work in organising the Service and our support for Mission Partners.

Enjoy listening to Simon

2 thoughts on “Thought for the Day – What’s happening on Pentecost and our Mission Sunday – 31st May”

  1. Probably a bit biased, but I thought this was a ‘great’ thought for the day today.
    I would encourage everyone to join us for the Mission Sunday’s service and to read / watch the reports in the following ‘Missions Week’ to hear from other partners. In the meantime don’t forget to visit the Mission page on the church website:

  2. This Thought for the Day was so wonderful for me. I can remember being in a very dark place around 12 years ago, with stress at work, death of one parent after another and other harassments to deal with too. Psalm 121 was my “go to”Psalm. It helped that I at that time worked on the 4th floor of the building and could clearly say it in my heart and physically raise my eyes to the hills. Blessings and thanks to Simon for sharing God’s Word and his experiences in Burundi. Yes in the darkness God’s Word shines brightest!


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