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Our Vacancy Bookmark

We at Trull and Angersleigh believe in the power of prayer and that the vacancy is firmly in the hands of the Lord and this prayer bookmark is to remind us to ask Him to step in on all matters to bless this period grow the fellowship, and find His person  to lead it. On the one side of it is such a prayer to Almighty God and the Holy Spirit for guidance and strength, but we’ve also included scripture on the back which gives it a life beyond the vacancy and a reminder that God  promises to build His church and the paramount need to “Trust in the Lord”.

Vision Sunday

Vision Sunday – 21st January 2018

Usually in mid January we set out the vision for the year and the financial costs we anticipate for that year. We then ask everyone in church to prayerfully consider pledging towards that figure. People then set up direct debits, standing orders or give via an envelope scheme.

If you would like to see a copy of the booklet Giving for the Vision 2018, please follow the link (pdf).

All of our giving is confidential. Only one person in the church knows what each person has pledged., and that is Roger Watkins, our Planned Giving secretary.

Please visit our Giving page for more information or for more details on how to give, contact our church treasurer, David Sharpe – [email protected]

Growth Groups

Growth Groups

What are they for?

The vision for All Saints Trull is ‘becoming and making mature disciples of Jesus in Trull and beyond’.  Joining and participating in a Growth Group is one way that we can help ourselves to mature.  The groups are valued by their members and can become like close family.


Who are they for?

They are for anyone, old or young, who wants to grow closer to God.  We try to cater for the needs of everyone.

What do they do?

They meet to share what it is to be a Christian.  This involves reading the Bible, discussing what it means and how we should apply it to our lives, praying for each other and the concerns of the church and the wider world, supporting and encouraging each other.  Many groups also have occasional social gatherings.

When and where do they meet?

There are currently groups that meet on all days of the week.  Some meet during the day, others in evenings.  Some only meet in school term-time, others all year round.  Many meet weekly, but others meet less often.  They meet in homes in and around Trull. Continue Reading →

Thank You from the Youings

Adrian, Fran, Tom and Becca want to say “a very big thank you for the amazingly generous gift you gave us and even more for a truly memorable send off on 15th October. We loved every minute of it and it was a great way to say goodbye. You have been the most wonderful churches to work with and we will miss you so much. Julie has our new contact details. You’d be welcome to pop in when you are passing through the Bath area.”

Thank You for Adrian’s Last Day

Thank You! to everyone involved in making Adrian’s last day with us as Rector of All Saints, Trull and St Michael and All Angels,  Angersleigh churches and villages such a happy and  entertaining time. Because of the generous donations of food, time and love we were able to show Adrian just how much he was loved and appreciated in our church and village.  A special thank you goes to our musicians and sound team for giving up so much of their time on Saturday and Sunday.

‘Adrian’s Last Service’

On Sunday 15th October 2017, at Queens School Hall in Queens College, the united congregations of Trull and Angersleigh, together with other friends and supporters, gathered to worship God and to express their gratitude to Adrian and to pray for his future ministry.

Adrian Youings Last Service